Conference and event badges made easy

Pre-printing your badges was never this easy. Just send us the specifications and we'll make sure your badges arrives as soon as possible.

Key features


Design and personalise badges like you want them. Print venue scedule based on what your attendee signed up for.

Lightning fast printers

Our printers are optimized for speed and quality.


Clips, Lanyards, magnets,... Make sure your badged have the right support for the right occasion.

On-time delivery

Only need pre printed badges? We make sure they arive at your doorstep in record time.

An efficient service

The process is simple – just send us your badge artwork or logo, along with your delegate names, and you’ll receive your personalised printed namebadges delivered to your door.

We also provide onsite badge printing equipment for personalising your own badges for anyone who turns up unannounced, and barcode equipment for tracking attendance to your event.

Our name badges are mainly used for the identification of your attendees at events.

We also supply a range of badge accessories such as lanyards, badge holders, badge clips and badge trays.