Digital technology for events

With over 15 years of experience Mixx provides events with the best hardware, badges and voting systems. We guaratee to help you effeciently and are more than happy to think out of the box and provide you with tailor made solutions.

Our solutions

attendee mangement checkin desks

Attendee management

MIXX helps event organizers to manage and track their attendees from invitations, over online registration to onsite check-in and badge printing. Until post event communation and data extraction.

Badge examples of different sizes

Badge printing service

Print badges prior to your event to reduce stress and cost. We make sure your badges arrive on time with all the necessary attachments so you can focus on your event.

ditigal voting on web platform

Online meeting & voting

Organising your general assembly online can be easy and efficient. Invite your members from all regions of the world to attend the meeting and cast their vote.

wireless voting live with keypads

Wireless voting

Provide your audience with voting keypads, show your questions on screen and show the results in seconds.

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