Online meeting & voting

Organising your general assembly online can be easy and efficient. Invite your members from all regions of the world to attend the meeting and cast their vote.

We built an all-in-one platform so they can simply attend the meeting via video in a secure environment. When it is time to vote, we simply display the agenda item on the screen, so they can vote with a simple click.

Discover here why this is The solution for your next voting.

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One platform

From video integration to online voting. Our voting tool runs in one web application so no installation is needed. Your attendees just log in, go to the meeting and vote on your meeting items with no additional steps.

Advanced voting calculation

Define your voting calculations like they are defined in your company or organisations statutes.


If you are at home or attending the meeting live, you will be able to follow allong, cast your votes and ask questions. Online or in person, one or the other or a combination of both, our technology gives you the freedom to decide.


This voting tool was build with security in mind. Enable 2 factor authentication with one click and have your attendees prove their identity by confirming the with an SMS or email check.


Other available features

  • Display results in real time
  • Proxi voting
  • Voting in advance
  • Weighted voting

Cooperatives & Associations



Going the extra mile

Online voting gives us the possibility to enhance your audiences' experience by adding a effects on the broadcasted video stream.

For Belorta we created, with the help of our partners, a complete digital stage with their coorperate identity.