Live badge printing

Create a smooth and impressive registration experience for your attendees with live badge printing! This innovative technology prints personalised badges directly on site, perfectly tailored to your event.

Why live badge printing

Optimise time

Live badge printing at events allows for instant registration, saving valuable time spent searching for pre-printed badges otherwise. This efficient method reduces queues and will result in happier attendees and a more enjoyable event.

Reduce waste

Minimizes waste by only printing the badges needed for the actual attendance. This aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the environmental impact of an event.

Last minute changes

Live badge printing eliminates the hassle of pre-printing badges and the need to have a final list of attendees a considerable amout of time before the event in order to print the badges in advance. Hand written badges for last minute changes will also be something of the past.

Link to EVENsight

Link to different other EVENTsight modules like "workshops", "lead manager" and many more by including a QR code on the badge. This way you'll be able to have a better understanding of your guests and event in general.

How it works?


  • Integration with your CRM of choice
  • Import data from an excel list provided by you
  • EVENTsight registration form

During your event

  • Scan a e-ticket
  • Search by name
  • Add a new visitor

Post event

  • Event statistics
  • Full data export

Print badges in less than 15 seconds

Our registration units can easily register around 140 visitors per hour and deliver personalised badges. Specialised personnel is not needed, anyone can use the system after a short briefing.

Lots and lots of badge types

  • Many paper types
  • Many badge sizes
  • Multiple attachment types
  • Tear resistant badges
  • Badges with NFC chip

Delighted clients

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