CR-80 badges

Organise your next event with sleek and professional CR-80 badges, making an immediate impact. These bankcard sized badges will the first thing attendees see, making it crucial to leave a fantastic first impression. Our badges go beyond providing practical information; they are an extension of your event style. With a focus on durability and attention to detail, our badges ensure your event is memorable from the very beginning.


  • Small and subtile badge the size of a bankcard.
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective

Badge attachments

Choose between classic crocodile clips or modern magnetic clips for a secure and stylish attachment. Our badges not only offer a personalized touch but also prioritize convenience and durability. 

Whether opting for the timeless appeal of crocodile clips or sleek magnetic clips, our badges are designed to complement any attire seamlessly. Make a lasting impression at your event by selecting the attachment style that suits your preferences. 

CR-80 specifictions:

  • PVC cards are full color printed bankcard model badges
  • Size: 85 x 54mm
  • To be used with selfadhesive crococlips, selfadhesive magnets or lanyards
  • Single sided edge to edge print

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