Sometimes a standard solution just ain’t good enough.

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Test drive slot booking

REQUIREMENTS: Scancar planned a test drive day for their new Volvo’s. People should be able to book slots for a certain type of car on a certain moment.

During the day salesmen should be able to easily assign a car to a visitor, have an overview on who is already present at the venue, and which car is currently driving.

THE SOLUTION: Registering the attendees for an event, we could already provide with our EVENTsight tool.

We created an add-on for ScanCar so they can manage the timeslots in one screen. This allowes them to see who is already present and which car is occupied in an orderly overview. Get the details of the attendee, and print the necessary contracts.

Digital signage

REQUIREMENTS: Matexi wanted to create digital signage to inform visitors and inhabitants about the ungoing projects.

The screens should be easily adaptable from a backoffice, and should show realtime information about traffic jams, train and bus schedules, and weather info.

THE SOLUTION: We developed a stand-alone app that allows them to upload Powerpoint presentation and videos, and stream them to different screens.

Besides managing different media sources they can show real-time data from NMBS, de Lijn, MIVB and Google Traffic.

Animated screens

REQUIREMENTS: Aquafin installed a water purification system at the Kruitfabriek.

To make it more comprehensible they were looking for an animation to show to the public how it works.

THE SOLUTION: We developed an SVG animation that shows the waterflow and all the machinery involved.


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