Improve your on-site event efficiency with EVENTsight

Deliver an efficient, professional and high-quality experience when checking-in participants.

EVENTsight in a nutshell

Setup your event online registrations, check in guests on the app, scan QR codes and print badges.Quickly see event statistics, save time, and design a seamless check-in with user friendly software.

Check-in guests

Make planning your events easier, check in faster, and guests happier with the top guest management platform.

Print badges onsite

Your time is important. Don’t spend it pre-printing badges for guests that don’t attend. Printing on-site takes 5 seconds or less!

Analyze in real-time

See every single action taken at your event and what it all means, from who checked in when to which groups had the best attendance. Data-rich reports deliver insights that will improve every event you plan.

Multi-Session Tracking

Manage your events workshops and sessions with EVENTsight. You can separately monitor and control access to workshops and view the attendance in real-time.

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Standard Features

EVENTsight makes the check-in process fast and seamless.

On-Site Check-in

EVENTsight has got you covered to deliver a highly performant and elegant check-in experience for event of any size and kind.

On-Demand Paper Badge Printing

We print high-quality plastic event badges, adhesive and paper badges or PVC badges on-site in seconds.

Multi-session Tracking

Manage session schedules and access control, track attendance, and view live attendee statistics

QR- & Barcode Scanning

EVENTsight scans QR- and barcodes of all kinds and of any source.

Multiple Devices

Use multiple devices at check-in–each device will sync to reflect realtime check-in numbers.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time reporting is important. Record walk-in guest information, check-in and check-out times and monitor the evolution in registrations per timeslot.

Check-in Notifications On Arrival

Inform your staff when important guest arrive. Either by email or by SMS message.

Walk-in registrations

Quickly add new attendees to your events guest list. Collect all the information you need while checkin in.


EVENTsight works seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and iOS. You can setup and monitor event through your browser as well.

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