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No matter your industry, MIXX has experience in helping organizations of all shapes and
sizes to better plan, manage, market, and analyze their events and meetings.


We believe your event’s experience begins the moment invites are sent out. This is why MIXX offers the most brand focused invitation and registration guest experience available.

Live Event

During your event we provide an extended service. We coordinate and organize the entire registration process, maintain hardware and we offer support and assistance where needed. While we handle the entire registration, you can focus on your guests.


Best-in-class event marketers know that the event experience does not end with the event. Events are one step in a long path in building a relationship with your guests. Post-event data goes back into your company’s CRM for actionable insights by marketing, sales, and your event team.


Branded event website

Professional event website with advanced with advanced registration form in your organisations look and feel.

Mailing platform

Integrated email platform for your events invitations, confirmations and individual or grouped messages.

Real-time subscription management

Track your attendees in real time. Know exactly which of your guests have already checked in anticipate on those who haven’t.

Extended features

Should your event have specific pre-event requirements we are happy to help you seek a solution.

On site

Advanced Access Control

Check in staff, visitors and contractors at remote field sites. Tag your sites utilising GPS or QR codes to track site attendance. No extra hardware or printed ID cards necessary.

Live badge printing

We provide onsite badgeprinting service, simply because it is more efficient and ecological. We handle the technical side, provide you with the required rental hardware and offer support where needed.

Real time statistics

Just knowing the raw number of guests that have arrived doesn’t offer much insight. Our real time analytics feature gives you a detailed look at who is present in realtime.


Our software offers various form of data visualisations. These are not just fancy add-ons but they provide you with an easy yet profound insight on your events situation. Additionally, these visualisations can easliy be used in corporate documents or presentations.

Subsession management

MIXX’s Lead Retrieval app allows your guests & vendors to exchange contact information as they meet at your event. Make your expo or trade show more effective at developing business for your exhibitors.

Lead management

Users of our app can scan a prospect badge, retrieve contact data, add their own notes, set follow up instructions, add voice memos and photos, and contact the prospect either direct from their device or by exporting their leads.


When entering the venue, your guests can receive credits on a paycard. These credits can then be spent during the event. Event managers can have full control over this entire process and can apply modifications when needed.


Working with networks in public venues is often quite troublesome. To insure we don’t run into network issues, we provide our own onsite server and routers and we setup our own wireless network.


Extended reporting capabilities

Real-time reporting of one venue or a portfolio of venue’s is available at your fingertips from our software. Run reports by company name, see who is on site at anytime, track time and attendance, improve security and safety.

post-event communication

Based on your registration data, you can perform a full export of all your data and send post-event emails to your guests or upload your data into other systems which you and your organisation use.

Complete data extraction

Should you so desire, we can provide you with an extended data extract from our registration software. This data can be used to facilitate an import into you organisations CRM for marketing purposes.

post-event evaluation forms

Interested in getting accurate feedback from your guests? Our platform allows you to create custom evaluation forms which will allow visitors to easily provide you with their feedback.

Now fully compatible with Mac OS, Windows and iOS.

Given the growing demand to run our software suite on a all operating systems, we have developed our systems so that it runs seamlessly on any platform.

Mixx has delivered an impeccable service at each of our events. Their commitment and know-how have made them our thrusted partner for all our events.

Hendrik Strongs – Operations manager

Registration methods

Each event is unique and has specific requirements. When it comes to registration methods, we provide a vast range of cutting-edge ways of registering your visitors.

Bluetooth scanning

Wether your scanning classic barcodes or QR-codes, our platform handles all of them seamlessly. From printed paper invitations to on-screen codes.

Scanning with iPads and iPhones

Next to our wide range of handheld bluetooth scanners, our software also runs on iOS devices so you can even scan guests using iPhones or iPads.

RFID scanning

Want to scan visitors with RFID technology? Contact us to discuss the wide range of possibilities that the RFID technology offers.

eID reading

Want to register your visitors by scanning their eID cards, our platform has got you covered. By reading the data of eID cards, we can automatically register your guests.

Collection of digital signatures

For events where attendees need to sign an NDA agreement or any type of document/agreement, our platform allow guests to easily sign upon checkin so you don’t need to work with printed documents anymore.

Stand-alone kiosk apps

Our platform allow you to deploy numerous stand-alone kiosk apps for events with self-checkin or post-event evaluation forms.

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