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Can I manually add guests through the backoffice?

Ofcourse you can!

Navigate to the tab “Visitors” and hit the “Add visitor” button on the bottom left.


Next you’ll be presented with a simple form in which you can quickly add an additional guest. Hit save and your guest has now been added.


How do I enable "registration mode"?

Once the setup of your event is completed and you want to start registering your guests, click on the “Dots” icon on the top right from your backoffice. Next select the “Enable registration mode” option. Eventsight will now go into full-screen mode and will ask you to select one of your events for which to start the registration. Once you’ve selected an event, you can now start registering or adding new guests! Happy registration!

How can I change the event for which I want to register my guests?

Eventsight allows you to manage all of your events. To change the active event for which you want to allow registration, navigate to the ‘Configure’ tab and select ‘General’.



This tab allows you to complete the details of your event such as the time and location. At the bottom, you’ll find the ‘General options’. The first checkbox “Activate in frontend” will mark the current event as the active and registration for this event (and all its subssessions) will be authorised.

How do I prepare my Excel file for import?

Eventsight is able to analyse your Excel cheat and will automatically extract your different columns and its data.

To ensure a seamless import, we advise you to remove all the columns which you will not import from your source file.

Make sure your document is a “.xlsx” file. If it’s a standard “.xls” file, simply save your document as and “.xlsx” file within Excel.

Can I add my own custom fields?

Eventsight allow you to import define up to 10 custom fields which can be used to import data in. Additionally, you can use these fields to gather information upon registration.

Need even more custom fields? Contact us to customise your Eventsight.

Can I monitor my event in real-time?

Live monitoring of your registrations is a core functionality of Eventsight.

From the frontend (registration-mode) simply click the statistics icon on the top right of frontend homepage.

img_0028    img_0031

If your logged in to the backoffice, you will have a more in-depth view of your current registration situation.

To monitor individual registrations, navigate to the “Visitors” tap. Here you can apply filters to quickly isolate guests based on their current status. You can also find specific guests by searching on their firstname, lastname or company name.

For each guest, you can add or cancel checkins or checkout by clicking the pencil icon on the right of each visitor.


To get an overal insight into the situation, navigate to the ‘Statistics’ tab. By default Eventsight will define a scope based on the information you’ve entered as event details. You can modify the scope to either monitor a very specific timeframe or to get a larger view of your entire event.


How to I define which type of badge or identification I want to print?

Eventsight allow you to automatically print a badge or other type of registration upon registration.

To setup your options, navigate to the ‘Configure’ tab and then select the ‘Options’ tab.

Under “Printing option”, check the checkbox “Print after registration”. Next, select the layout which you want to use.

Please note that the design and setup of these layouts should first be implemented by the MIXX support team.

How to I enable the automatic sending of text messages to my guests?

Eventsight allow you to automatically send a text message to a designated number upon registration.

To setup your options, navigate to the ‘Configure’ tab and then select the ‘Options’ tab.

Under “SMS options”, enter the general text message which you want to send out upon registration. While defining the content of your text message you can use merge labels to dynamically insert the firstname, lastname and company name of your guest. This makes your text message feel a lot more personal.

Next, indicate wether you want so send the text message to the guest or to a third party. Additionally, you can (temporarily) disable this feature by selecting “No” or you can activate “Test mode” to preview your resulting text message.

How do I enable or disable the creation of new guests while registering?

For some events, you want to allow people to participate even without a valid registration. In that case, you can simply enable the “allow creation of new guest” feature.

In the backoffice, navigate to the ‘Configure’ tab and then the ‘Options’ tab. Under “Host management”, check the “Allow registration of new visitor in frontend” checkbox.

To disable this, simply uncheck the checkox.

These changes will be immediately be pushed to all the client devices.

Can I export my data?

Yes you can!

In the backoffice, navigate to the tab ‘Visitors’ and click the “Export guests” button on the bottom. You’ll be presented with an interface where you can define which fields to export and how you want to name each exported column.


Once you’re done, click the “Confirm export button”. A csv file containing all your selected data will now be exported to the desktop.

How do I connect to my Eventsight account using FileMaker Pro?

To open a shared file as a client:
1. Choose File menu > Open Remote.
The Launch Center opens to the Hosts tab. If hosts aren’t displayed, click Show/hide hosts list button in the Hosts tab. Favorite hosts appear first in the list.
In the search box above the hosts list, type a few characters of the host name, or scroll the hosts list.
2. To see the files available from a host, click the host name.
To view files in a list, click List button in Hosts tab. To view files as tiles, click Tiles icon in Hosts tab.
To edit the host, see “To add and edit favorite hosts,” below.
3. Select the file you want to open, then click Open (or double-click the filename).


For more information and advanced options see Opening shared files with FileMaker Pro.

How do I connect to my Eventsight account using FileMaker Go 15?

  1. If you are working in a file, type Image, then tap Launch Center Image
  2. Tap Hosts Image
  3. Tap Hosts in the top-left corner, then choose the server that hosts the file
  4. Choose a file
For more information and advanced options see Opening shared files with FileMaker Go.

How do I Import guests to my event?

There are two ways you can add guests to your event, either by importing them from an Excel document or by adding them manually.

Once you’ve created your event, navigate to the second tab ‘Visitors’. The interface will inform you that there are no visitors yet to display. Please click on the blue “Import” button.

Next, click the “Choose Excel” button and select your Excel document from your computer.

Once you’ve selected your document, Eventsight will analyse the column headers and present you with field mapping interface. Now all you have to do is map your column headers (on the left) with the stand Eventsight fields on the right.


Once you’re done with mapping your fields, hit the “Import” button on the bottom left.

That’s it!

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If you’re new to Eventsight, you’ll be presented with a screen that will propose you to create your first event. To create additional events later, simply click the “Add event” button from the list of your events.

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