Online meetings & voting

Looking for fast and accurate online meeting tool?
Provide your audience with an online video experience with live voting for your general assembly or online meeting.

Organising your general assembly online can be easy and efficient. Invite your members from all regions of the world to attend the meeting and cast their vote.


We built an all-in-one platform so they can simply attend the meeting via video in a secure environment. When it is time to vote, we simply display the agenda item on the screen, so they can vote with a simple click.


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Attendee Management

Manage your list of eligible voters with identification, voting weight, proxies, registration and participation

Communication & Registration

Register, identify and invite your participants from 1 platform.

Voting in advance

Let your shareholders vote in advance by letter, email or secure website.


Instant Results

Display instant result, using the correct calculation rules for defining the quorum.

Video Conference

Manage your speakers, panellists and attendees during the meeting.

Proxy voting

Allow your attendees to cast multiple votes for all the principals.

Live Q&A

Let your panel list manage the Q&A, and answer them live or in person.

Live chat

Increase the participation via a live chat, in separate breakout rooms.


Combine the votes from attendees in real life, with attendees logged in remotely



Download the minutes and voting results in a PDF, and export your voting results to Excel.

Sign minutes

Online signature of your minutes for your attendees and board members.

Confirmation Email

Send an email with their registered votes to your attendees, as a prove of their vote.

We’d always done our voting with paper ballots in person before the COVID-19 pandemic made physical meetings and paper ballot voting impossible.


Because of the complexity of our voting rules, we thought that we would have to postpone our elections until after the pandemic.


MIXX was able to develop a tailor-made electronic voting system that was in-line with our statutes and rules of procedure.


With MIXX, we were able to conduct our elections this year.


Evan Frank & Jean-Baptiste Boucher, COPA – COGECA

The voting process

Define your agenda items or elections, and send out an invitation to your audience. Via a secure login they can authenticate and cast their vote.
You can ask them to cast their vote before the meeting or live during the meeting, or mix both. So members that cannot join the meeting, are still able to cast their vote at any time that suits them.
Our advanced calculation engine allows you to define how the quorum should be calculated, so you can provide them with real live results immediately after the vote.

Who is it for?

Online voting can be a valuable addition to a wide variety of events. Below our most frequent occasions:

  • Meetings and seminars
  • General assemblies
  • Elections
  • Education and training
  • Interactive quiz

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