How to create the perfect namebadge

Size matters!

If the name badges at your conference are too small, your attendees will probably face a big problem. When it’s impossible to decipher the information printed on the badge, some of the attendees might refrain from getting in touch with others. In case a colleague’s name escapes one of your conference attendees, a quick glance should be enough to jog their memory. Even from a reasonable distance, the names should be easily readable.

What to put on the Badge

The most important information on a name badge: the name.
Hence you might want to secure a prominent spot for it on your badge.

The next line should be reserved for the name of the company or institution the attendee belongs to.
Don’t forget about the conference logo – especially when multiple events are taking place at the same location.
Mentioning the attendees’ roles can be useful as well. That makes it easier for everyone to distinguish between organizers, assistants, attendees, speakers and session moderators.

The back of the badge could be the ideal place for your conference schedule. Instead of leafing through the whole conference program, the attendees just have to turn the badge around in order to learn about where they need to be, when they need to be there and how much time is left.

As service providers, we assist our clients on site and also take care of creating name badges. We printed the personal data on both sides of the badge so that the name would always be on top, even when the badge flipped over by accident. Attendees praised this method: “Finally someone has picked up on that!”
That doesn’t mean the conference schedule has to come off badly: Either you can print two badges, put the schedule between them in order to pull it out when necessary or the schedule can be part of a sophisticated booklet solution.

In order to increase the usefulness of the badge, you can also include important phone numbers: Who is to be contacted in case of problems? What is the number to call a taxi?

If you prefer a more reliable method, you should go for a conference app. It keeps you updated on everything conference-related in real time. In contrast to printed conference schedules, an app can cope with short-term organizational changes.

Twitter usernames could serve as additional information. They make it easier for conference attendees to get (and stay) in touch with each other. Especially at tech-savvy or social-media themed conferences, you’ll probably be able to find the majority of your attendees on Twitter. And if they’re already tweeting, they surely don’t mind following like-minded people.

But be careful: Too many details on your badge could harm it rather than helping it, and a cluttered conference badge is neither handy nor beautiful to look at. A photo for instance isn’t really useful unless it’s an event only invited guests are allowed to attend.

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