Manage your attendee list onsite

The second column of icons in the attendee list is for onsite management purposes.

If the check-in icon (most left) is red, the person didn’t enter the event yet. A green icon means the person entered the event. If a person was registered more than once, this warning icon shows:


If the attendee is expected, the following icon is grey. If the attendee is present, the icon is green and if the person was present, but quitted the event, the icon is red.


The door icon on the right tells something about the check-out status of the attendee. Red means the attendee hasn’t quitted yet, green means the attendee quitted the event.

A detailed log of the movements of an attendee are shown when you click the log icon.

You can also easily filter your attendees based on their status during the event. If you want to see which attendees are already present at the event, you can filter on ‘Present’. If you want to see all attendees that aren’t present at the event yet, you can filter on ‘Expected’. The filter ‘Quitted’ shows the attendees that were present at the event, but already left.

Attendee screen

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