Invite people to your event

To invite people to your event, you can use the email application in your attendee list.  Before you can send an invitation email, make sure the setup of the emails was done correctly. Otherwise you won’t be able to send the emails and a warning will pop up.

Example invitation setup

From the attendee list, there are two ways to send an invitation. First it is possible to click the most right envelop of a specific attendee and click ‘send invitation’. Second, it is also possible to send an invitation to multiple people at once. By clicking ‘send’ you can choose to send the invitation email to ‘selected’, ‘filtered’ or to the whole event.

Example send mail

The status of the invitations is displayed in the ‘Mails’ section. Here you can filter your invitations based on their status by checking the boxes. There are 7 possibilities:

  • Queued: the email is waiting to be sent
  • Processed: the email was sent, but the attendee didn’t receive it yet
  • Delivered: the email was delivered with the attendee
  • Open: the email was opened by the attendee
  • Bounce: the receiving server denied the message
  • Deferred: the receiving server delayed acceptance of the message, but EVENTsight keeps trying
  • Error: the email can’t be sent

By clicking on the status of an invitation, a detailed log is shown.

Example of Invitations sent

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