How to work with extra persons

In EVENTsight it is possible to add 2 types of extra persons:

  • Extra persons (+1 s): persons that are unknown, you can add as many as you like.
  • accompanying persons: persons that you know by name, you can add up to 5 accompanying persons.  You will be able to check in these persons together with the main attendee.

How to add extra persons:

  • In the screen of an attendee
  • During import

1. In the screen of an attendee

Go to the screen of the attendee that wants to bring one or more extra persons:

Click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Attendee’ section > go to the ‘Extra persons’ tab > add extra persons or accompanying persons.

To add extra persons, you fill out the number of persons the attendee wants to bring (e.g. 12). If you want to know the name of the extra persons the attendee is bringing, you have to add an accompanying person: click ‘Add accompanying person’ > fill out the first name and last name of the extra person > click ‘Save & Continue’.

Extra persons

2. During import

Add extra persons by assigning a column with the number of extra persons the attendee will bring, or add accompanying persons by assigning the headers of the first name and last name of the extra persons to the correct fields in EVENTsight.

Add extra persons during import

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