How to register your guests onsite

Click in the field top right to select “registration mode” and go to the frontend for the registration.

You will see the main event and potential configured subevents or workshops.

Select the event you want to register guests for.

Then you have to choose between:

  1. Scan: with iPad camera or barcodescanner
  2. Search: manually search for guests
  3. Add: adding of guests

1. Scan guests

With the scan module you can register guests fast and easy.

Barcodescanner: with a PC or Mac and a connected barcode scanner
iPad: tap the camera icon at the bottom of the iPad and point the camera to the barcode and the barcode will be scanned (you have to be close enough).

After scanning the guest, the status and potential additional information will be displayed.

2. Search for guests

With the search module you can look up guests. You can search by name, first name or company.

Register the guest with the checkin button or print a badge a second time with the reprint button.

3. Add guests

With the add module you van add guests to the event. Fill out the necessary fields en pay attention to the different tabs.

When you click register you will be redirected to the “overview”.

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