How to import your attendees

Importing attendees in EVENTsight is made as easy as possible.

  • Go to ‘Attendees’ section
  • The text states: ‘There are no attendees yet’
  • Import attendees

Import attendees

To import attendees: click ‘Import’> click ‘Choose a file’ to browse your computer> Pick a compatible file (XLS, XLSX or CSV files)> match the headers of your import files with the correct fields in EVENTsight:

  • EVENTsight automatically reads out all the headers of your imported files
  • Match the headers by selecting the right header with the button ‘Select…’ at the correct field
  • Made a mistake? Click on the blue arrow to break the link
  • Do this for all the categories in the left column that you want to link
  • Click import
  • You go back to the main screen
  • EVENTsight works on your import. you can verify this by the red indicator ‘Importing…’ and the total number of subscriptions that will go up



Barcode import

When you assign a header to the barcode, EVENTsight will use the values of that column for the generation of the barcodes. Important is that EVENTsight won’t allow duplicate barcodes within 1 event, when you assign a column to the barcode field, EVENTsight will check for duplicates in that column. See also multiple file imports.

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