How to activate registration mode

In registration mode you can check attendees in and out for an event by scanning, searching or adding an attendee. It is not possible to change the setup of the event, unless you return to the backoffice. Make sure the event you want to register for is active. If there is no event active, it is not possible to activate registration mode.

To set the event active: go to the ‘Setup’ section > click ‘Set as live’.
Activate registration mode: click ‘Registration mode’ in the top right corner > click ‘Switch to registration mode’.

Explanation registration mode

Explanation registration mode

When you switch to registration mode, you will see the event overview where you can select the event you want to register for. To register for an event, make sure the event is ‘set as live’ in the backoffice.

Explanation registration mode

If you selected an event and you want to change the event, you click the menu icon top right and click ‘Change event’. You will be brought back to the event overview.

If you select the event you want to register for, you will see the home screen of that event. Here you can search, scan or add attendees, see statistics, manage the event or log out.

Explanation home screen


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