Editing attendee details

When you want to edit an attendee’s details, there are two options.

  1. You want to edit attendee details of a single attendee
  2. You want to edit attendee details of all incoming attendees

1. Single attendee

Click ‘Edit’ in the attendee list > change or add the data you want > click ‘Save & Continue’.

You can change or complete data in 4 different tabs:

  • Attendee info: the default fields that are present in EVENTsight. These can all be changed or completed as you wish.
  • Custom data: you can define up to 10 custom fields with extra info about your attendees. If you forgot to assign labels for them beforehand, you can simply assign the label during the import process. These can all be changed or completed as you wish.
  • Workshops: during an import, you can automatically subscribe a visitor to a workshop by using a column in you import file. Match the field of the workshop with the correct headers and fill out a value for which you want attendees to be subscribed (for example ‘YES’). If you don’t provide a field to test for, we will subscribe all visitors that have a value in that column, if they don’t have a value in that column they will not be subscribed. In the attendee screen you can change the subscription to workshops by toggling the buttons.
  • Extra persons: EVENTsight has unknown extra persons the so-called “+1s” and named, accompanying persons. During the import you can import up to 5 extra persons. You can also assign a column where you have the number of extra guests that the visitor will bring. You can change the number of extra persons and add or remove accompanying persons later in the attendee screen.

Edit attendee details

2. All incoming attendees

If you want to edit or add attendee info on the attendee’s arrival, toggle the ‘complete visitor details on arrival’ option in the registration tab in the setup section.

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