Add attendees to a workshop

There are 3 possibilities to add attendees to a workshop

  • Add an individual attendee in the ‘Workshop’ section
  • Add an individual attendee in the ‘Attendees’ section
  • Subscribe attendees to a workshop when you import a file

1) Workshop section

Go to the workshop screen and click ‘Add attendees’ at the bottom of the page. A search bar will pop up that allows you to search for a specific attendee by name. Click his or her name. This individual attendee will be added to the list.

Example add to workshop

2) Attendee section

Go to the ‘Attendees’ section and click edit. In the ‘Workshops’ tab, you can subscribe that individual attendee to the preferred workshop by toggling the button.

Explanation add attendee to workshop

3) During import

It is also possible to subscribe attendees to a workshop during the import of the guests. If you want to know how to assign attendees to workshops during import, see the import item.

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