• How to activate registration mode

    In registration mode you can check attendees in and out for an event by scanning, searching or adding an attendee. It is not possible to change the setup of the event, unless you return to the backoffice. Make sure the event you want to register for is active. If there is no event active, it is not possible to activate registration mode.

    To set the event active: go to the ‘Setup’ section > click ‘Set as live’.
    Activate registration mode: click ‘Registration mode’ in the top right corner > click ‘Switch to registration mode’.

    Explanation registration mode

    Explanation registration mode

    When you switch to registration mode, you will see the event overview where you can select the event you want to register for. To register for an event, make sure the event is ‘set as live’ in the backoffice.

    Explanation registration mode

    If you selected an event and you want to change the event, you click the menu icon top right and click ‘Change event’. You will be brought back to the event overview.

    If you select the event you want to register for, you will see the home screen of that event. Here you can search, scan or add attendees, see statistics, manage the event or log out.

    Explanation home screen


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  • Export the attendees of workshops

    To export the data of one workshop separately: go to the ‘Workshops’ section > pick the workshop you want to export for > click ‘export’ bottom left > you are guided to the export screen > click ‘Confirm export’ > click ‘Download’.

    Explanation export data

    Explanation download report

    In the export screen you can define the name of the headers. When a header is left blank, this field will not be visible in the Excel file. Default fields that are added to the Excel file are:

    • Registration Timestamp In (workshop)
    • Registration Timestamp out (workshop)
    • Type of Registration
    • Number of Movements
    • Time spent on the workshop

    To export all data of the event: see How to export your attendees.

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  • How to work with extra persons

    In EVENTsight it is possible to add 2 types of extra persons:

    • Extra persons (+1 s): persons that are unknown, you can add as many as you like.
    • accompanying persons: persons that you know by name, you can add up to 5 accompanying persons.  You will be able to check in these persons together with the main attendee.

    How to add extra persons:

    • In the screen of an attendee
    • During import

    1. In the screen of an attendee

    Go to the screen of the attendee that wants to bring one or more extra persons:

    Click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Attendee’ section > go to the ‘Extra persons’ tab > add extra persons or accompanying persons.

    To add extra persons, you fill out the number of persons the attendee wants to bring (e.g. 12). If you want to know the name of the extra persons the attendee is bringing, you have to add an accompanying person: click ‘Add accompanying person’ > fill out the first name and last name of the extra person > click ‘Save & Continue’.

    Extra persons

    2. During import

    Add extra persons by assigning a column with the number of extra persons the attendee will bring, or add accompanying persons by assigning the headers of the first name and last name of the extra persons to the correct fields in EVENTsight.

    Add extra persons during import

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  • Manage your attendee list pre-event

    EVENTsight allows you to step into the registration process at any moment you want. You can invite people and follow up on their RSVP and send an e-ticket to confirm or a “can’t make it” email to thank them to let you know they can’t make it.

    When you use EVENTsight at its fullest, those statuses will be managed by you automatically, but you can always manually manage the different statuses of your guests if you want to use your own invitation and subscription tools, or simply skip a certain status.

    For example, when you only want to send out e-tickets, you can import your attendees with their responding “RSVP” status, and just use EVENTsight for sending out your confirmation tickets.

    The attendee list displays who has been invited, who didn’t send an RSVP yet, and who confirmed or declined. You can filter the list by clicking on the different status fields.

    The icons in the list on the right tell you more about the status of a particular visitor.

    Invitation sent
    If the left most envelop is red that means he is not invited yet, if it’s green the attendee was invited.
    RSVP status
    The icon in the middle indicates if the person has responded to your invitation or not. Grey means that persons did not RSVP’d yet. A green icon means that person will attend your event. A red icon means that person declined the invitation and will not attend the event.
    Confirmation email
    If the confirmation icon is red, that means there is no registration email sent yet.
    Payment status
    If the payment icon is grey, it means that attendee didn’t buy any tickets. If the icon is red, the attendee ordered tickets, but didn’t pay them yet. A green icon means the ordered tickets were payed.

    Setting the status of a visitor manually
    By clicking any of these items, you can manually send invitations or confirmations or change the status of your attendee.

    Attendee list

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  • How to import your attendees

    Importing attendees in EVENTsight is made as easy as possible.

    • Go to ‘Attendees’ section
    • The text states: ‘There are no attendees yet’
    • Import attendees

    Import attendees

    To import attendees: click ‘Import’> click ‘Choose a file’ to browse your computer> Pick a compatible file (XLS, XLSX or CSV files)> match the headers of your import files with the correct fields in EVENTsight:

    • EVENTsight automatically reads out all the headers of your imported files
    • Match the headers by selecting the right header with the button ‘Select…’ at the correct field
    • Made a mistake? Click on the blue arrow to break the link
    • Do this for all the categories in the left column that you want to link
    • Click import
    • You go back to the main screen
    • EVENTsight works on your import. you can verify this by the red indicator ‘Importing…’ and the total number of subscriptions that will go up



    Barcode import

    When you assign a header to the barcode, EVENTsight will use the values of that column for the generation of the barcodes. Important is that EVENTsight won’t allow duplicate barcodes within 1 event, when you assign a column to the barcode field, EVENTsight will check for duplicates in that column. See also multiple file imports.

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