• Export the attendees of workshops

    To export the data of one workshop separately: go to the ‘Workshops’ section > pick the workshop you want to export for > click ‘export’ bottom left > you are guided to the export screen > click ‘Confirm export’ > click ‘Download’.

    Explanation export data

    Explanation download report

    In the export screen you can define the name of the headers. When a header is left blank, this field will not be visible in the Excel file. Default fields that are added to the Excel file are:

    • Registration Timestamp In (workshop)
    • Registration Timestamp out (workshop)
    • Type of Registration
    • Number of Movements
    • Time spent on the workshop

    To export all data of the event: see How to export your attendees.

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  • Subscribe attendees for workshops via import

    Subscribe attendees for workshops via import:  go to the ‘Attendees’ section > click ‘Import’ > click ‘Choose a file’ and pick a compatible file.

    • Make sure that you made a column in the file for the workshop
    • Assign a value that implies that attendees are joining the workshop yes or no (YES / NO, TRUE / FALSE,…)
    • Match the headers to the correct fields

    Explanation Import workshops

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  • Scan and search at workshops

    Go to the home screen in registration mode. Choose the workshop you want to register for.

    Explanation search

    When you click ‘Scan’, you will be able to scan barcodes or manually type them. If you want to know how to scan, see the how to scan page. When you click ‘Search’ you will be able to search for attendees by name. If you click the blue ‘Check in’ button, it will turn green and the person will be registered.

    For an open workshop, you can scan all attendees of the event. All attendees are also visible when searching. For a closed workshop, you can only scan attendees who subscribed for that workshop. Only the attendees who subscribed will be visible in the search list. If the person was not subscribed, the warning ‘Invalid subscription or barcode’ appears when scanning.

    Example search

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  • How to setup your workshop

    Go to the ‘Workshops’ section to add a workshop. If you want to create your first workshop, you can either click in the right field of the screen that states ‘Click here to create your first workshop’, or click ‘Add workshop’ at the bottom of the page.

    To create a second or later workshop, use ‘Add workshop’ at the bottom of the page.

    Example workshop

    In the workshop screen, define:

    • The name of the workshop
    • The date of the workshop
    • The start and end hour
    • A comment (optional)

    There are two options to arrange a workshop, open or closed. The default setting creates a closed workshop that only allows attendees who subscribed to the workshop to enter.  However, it is also possible to create an open workshop, that is open to all attendees of the event. If you want your workshop to be open to any attendee, toggle the button to allow entrance to all attendees.

    You can make a workshop inactive by disabling the workshop in the workshop settings. This workshop will not show up in the registration mode for scanning. You can re-enable this workshop at any time.

    To delete a workshop, click ‘Delete workshop’, then click ‘Delete’ again. The workshop will no longer be available.

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  • Add attendees to a workshop

    There are 3 possibilities to add attendees to a workshop

    • Add an individual attendee in the ‘Workshop’ section
    • Add an individual attendee in the ‘Attendees’ section
    • Subscribe attendees to a workshop when you import a file

    1) Workshop section

    Go to the workshop screen and click ‘Add attendees’ at the bottom of the page. A search bar will pop up that allows you to search for a specific attendee by name. Click his or her name. This individual attendee will be added to the list.

    Example add to workshop

    2) Attendee section

    Go to the ‘Attendees’ section and click edit. In the ‘Workshops’ tab, you can subscribe that individual attendee to the preferred workshop by toggling the button.

    Explanation add attendee to workshop

    3) During import

    It is also possible to subscribe attendees to a workshop during the import of the guests. If you want to know how to assign attendees to workshops during import, see the import item.

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