• Add attendees manually

    In EVENTsight, it is also possible to add an attendee manually, one by one. This is a good option when you only have to add a limited number of persons.

    To add manually: go to the ‘Attendees’ section click ‘Add attendee’ > fill out attendee details, custom data, workshops and extra persons > click ‘Save & continue’

    Explanation add attendee

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  • How to create a SMS campaign

    A SMS campaign can be used to send a certain text to group of people participating at the event. For example, it can be used to send participants of a workshop that the workshop will start in 10 minutes or to communicate last-minute changes.

    1. Setup

    To setup the SMS campaign:

    • Name the campaign
    • Select ‘SMS’
    • Pick your country code in the drop-down menu
    • Choose one of the two phone numbers

    The text will be sent to the phone number that is filled out in the ‘Mobile phone’ field.

    2. Content

    Now you can add the content by clicking ‘edit’. You can personalize the content as well as the layout.

    Explanation SMS campaign

    If you’d rather update your attendees by sending an email, see the topic ‘How to create an email campaign

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  • Search for checkin

    Go to the home screen in registration mode and select the event you want to register for. Click ‘Search’ to search for attendees in the list. The top of the screen shows a search bar, in which you can enter the attendee’s data to look up your guest. The following data can be used in your search:

    • first name
    • last name
    • company name
    • barcode
    • email address
    • birth date
    • custom data

    It is not necessary to fill out the full data of the attendee you’re trying to find. Even with a few letters, a limited list of attendees will show up, out of which you can pick the one you are searching for. To show the full attendees list, click ‘Show all’. Scroll to find your attendee.

    If you click the blue ‘Check in’ button, it will turn green and the person will be registered.

    Example search

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  • Add an attendee onsite

    When there are guests that didn’t subscribe to the event, but are allowed to enter the venue, it is possible to add an extra attendee onsite. This is only possible if you activate ‘Allow the creation of new guests at the entrance of the event’ in the Setup. When this setting is deactivated, the add button on the home screen of the registration mode is greyed out.

    Explanation greyed out add button

    If the setting is activated:
    click ‘Add’ > this will guide you to an empty attendee screen > define all the fields you want under attendee info, custom data, workshops and extra persons > click ‘Register & Continue’.

    When you add an attendee onsite, that person will automatically be registered as present, unlike when you add an attendee in the backoffice.

    Explanation add an attendee

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  • Scanning

    On the homepage of the event, click ‘Scan’ and you will be able to scan barcodes. You can scan barcodes using a wired scanner, a handscanner or the  camera scanner on an Ipad. You can also manually type the numbers in the search field.

    Example scan

    When you scan a barcode, a text will show up in green ‘Registered’ together with the name and details of the attendee.

    Example registration

    If a warning message shows up, something went wrong:

    • Barcode is invalid or unknown
    • Double registration: the same barcode was already scanned

    Example warning

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  • How to activate registration mode

    In registration mode you can check attendees in and out for an event by scanning, searching or adding an attendee. It is not possible to change the setup of the event, unless you return to the backoffice. Make sure the event you want to register for is active. If there is no event active, it is not possible to activate registration mode.

    To set the event active: go to the ‘Setup’ section > click ‘Set as live’.
    Activate registration mode: click ‘Registration mode’ in the top right corner > click ‘Switch to registration mode’.

    Explanation registration mode

    Explanation registration mode

    When you switch to registration mode, you will see the event overview where you can select the event you want to register for. To register for an event, make sure the event is ‘set as live’ in the backoffice.

    Explanation registration mode

    If you selected an event and you want to change the event, you click the menu icon top right and click ‘Change event’. You will be brought back to the event overview.

    If you select the event you want to register for, you will see the home screen of that event. Here you can search, scan or add attendees, see statistics, manage the event or log out.

    Explanation home screen


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  • Find and filter attendees

    When you imported a large number of guests, it can be difficult to find a specific attendee. With the search bar, you can easily find attendees:

    • By name
    • By company
    • By email address
    • By birth date
    • By custom data

    With the advanced filter you can specify on which field you want to search. It is also possible to search in the custom fields you defined during the setup. This makes it possible to narrow down the search to one specific person.

    When you want to stop using the advanced filter or you want to search for a different attendee, you can clear all fields by clicking ‘Clear’.

    Explanation advanced search

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  • Manage your attendee list onsite

    The second column of icons in the attendee list is for onsite management purposes.

    If the check-in icon (most left) is red, the person didn’t enter the event yet. A green icon means the person entered the event. If a person was registered more than once, this warning icon shows:


    If the attendee is expected, the following icon is grey. If the attendee is present, the icon is green and if the person was present, but quitted the event, the icon is red.


    The door icon on the right tells something about the check-out status of the attendee. Red means the attendee hasn’t quitted yet, green means the attendee quitted the event.

    A detailed log of the movements of an attendee are shown when you click the log icon.

    You can also easily filter your attendees based on their status during the event. If you want to see which attendees are already present at the event, you can filter on ‘Present’. If you want to see all attendees that aren’t present at the event yet, you can filter on ‘Expected’. The filter ‘Quitted’ shows the attendees that were present at the event, but already left.

    Attendee screen

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  • General Settings

    1. Event details

    Here you can manage all the basic info about your event:

    • Event name
    • Event type
    • Venue name and address
    • Start date and end date: these are required if you want to run statistics later on
    • Start time and end time

    Explenation general settings

    2. Attendee details

    Under ‘basic fields’ there are 11 basic fields:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Prefix
    • Title
    • Language
    • Company name
    • Job title
    • Email
    • Mobile phone
    • Gender
    • Birthday

    Select which ones are mandatory by checking the ‘Required” checkbox. You can also define the default status of the invitation, RSVP, E-ticket and payment.

    Explanation general settings

    On top of that, you can create 10 custom fields under the “custom data” tab, that you can link with your attendees. There are some options:

    • Predefined values that will be displayed as dropdown: keeps your data clean and free of typo’s
    • Set a default value that will be filled in on each creation of an attendee
    • Make custom fields required by checking the box

    Explanation general settings

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  • Export the attendees of workshops

    To export the data of one workshop separately: go to the ‘Workshops’ section > pick the workshop you want to export for > click ‘export’ bottom left > you are guided to the export screen > click ‘Confirm export’ > click ‘Download’.

    Explanation export data

    Explanation download report

    In the export screen you can define the name of the headers. When a header is left blank, this field will not be visible in the Excel file. Default fields that are added to the Excel file are:

    • Registration Timestamp In (workshop)
    • Registration Timestamp out (workshop)
    • Type of Registration
    • Number of Movements
    • Time spent on the workshop

    To export all data of the event: see How to export your attendees.

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