Accreditation manager for Medical Education

Attendance and time management for RIZIV approved education

Intuitive and time saving accreditation tool

This easy to use and time saving module is created to manage attendances on medical educations and trainings.   In addition to the standard EVENTsight features you can easily manage educational trainings,  accreditations and creditpoint according to RIZIV standards.


Fast registration and checkin

With EVENTsight there is no need for long searches in paper attendee lists.
From now on you register your attendee digitally,  by manual search,  scanning or eID registration.
EVENTsight also offers the opportunity to collect digital signatures.


Up to date participantslist of sessions and educations.

By scanning your attendees with digital mobile scanners you keep live track of who entered certain sessions and for how long.
An intuitive session management allows to set minimum time of attendance for the assignment of accreditation points.


Fast accreditation processing

Sessions and educations can be linked to a RIZIV activity number.
Build in exports per session made to RIZIV standards including type of attendee, number of creditpoints and RIZIV number.
Easy import in the RIZIV platform using our standardized export.

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