User management

EVENTsight has 4 different type of users:

  • backoffice user
  • registration user
  • kiosk user
  • lead manager

Backoffice user
The backoffice user has access to the backoffice to manage the event.

Registration user
The registration user has access to the frontend, he can login via to have the full feature EVENTsight registration mode, or can access via for fast scanner, or he can access via our Zebra scanners

Lead manager user
The lead manager user can only access via, and has no direct access to the EVENTsight platform.

Kiosk mode
Kiosk mode is the same as the registration user, with some minor differences in behavior to enable “self  check-in

For lead manager users, registration users and kiosk users you can assign the events to which they have access. Other events will not be displayed and they can’t access data.


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Mick Heylen