Manage your guest list pre-event

EVENTsight allows you to step into the registration process at any moment you want. You can invite people and follow up on their RSVP and send an e-ticket to confirm or a “can’t make it” email to thank them to let you know they can’t make it.

When you use EVENTsight at it’s fullest those statusses will be managed by you automatically, but you can always manually manage the different statuses of your guests if you want to use your own invitation and subscription tools, or simply skip a certain status.

For example when you only want to send out e-tickets, you can import your attendees with their responding “RSVP” status, and just use EVENTsight for sending out your confirmation tickets.

The visitor tab displays who has been invited, who has already responded, and who is coming or declined.

You can filter the list by clicking on the different status fields.

The icons in the list on the right tell you more about the status of a particular visitor.

Invitation sent
If the left most envelop is red that means he is not invited yet.

RSVP status
The icon in the middle indicates if the person has responded to your invitation or not. Grey means that persons did not RSVP’ed yet. A green icon means that person will attend your event. A red icon means that person declined the invitation and will not attend the event.

Confirmation email
If the right most envelop is red that means he is not invited yet.


Setting the status of a visitor manually

By clicking on the small arrow at the right of the list, you see more details about the visitor’s status.

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Mick Heylen