EVENTsight Lead Manager

Enable your sales managers, account managers or exhibitors to gain detailed information about your visitors and ask for extra information via a form.

You can create a login and form for each user that has the role “leadmanager”. All users that have that role and for who you activated the event will appear in the setup.

The leadmanager is an online webapp that you can access via with any modern smartphone with a camera (required for barcode scanning).

Manage the lead forms

You can create one or several different forms that will be rendered when they scan a barcode. You can assign 1 form to each lead manager, but a form can be assigned to multiple lead managers.

Manage your lead managers

Here you can assign the correct form to the lead manager, and see who has already been scanned. With the export tool you can download the data for that specific lead manager, so you can send it to him.

Export data

You can export the data of the lead managers as Excel file. Simply click the export button.



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Mick Heylen