How to setup your event for onsite usage

This is the place where you can setup your event, and prepare for your event.

1. Event details

Here you can manage all the basic info about your event. Start date and end date are required if you want to run statistics later on.


2. Registration options

With this tool you can adjust additional options for the registration.

Complete visitor details on arrival

With this option turned on, the registration form will popup each time someone is checked in. This is the ideal solution if you are missing data, or you want people to subscribe for a workshop on arrival.

Allow the creation of new guests

By default during the event creation of guests is blocked for hostesses, with this option turned you activate the add button for them and they can add new guests when they arrive at your event.
Of course those guests can be easily identified in EVENTsight, so you know who registered beforehand and who didn’t.


Activate exit control

With EVENTsight you can also track when people are leaving the venue. This option will activate the option to switch scanners between “entrance” and “exit” mode.

Allow re-entry after exit

Sometimes once you’re out, you’re out, but in other cases you want to allow your guests to exit the event and come back at a later time. With this option turned on, you do just that: allow people to re-enter when they exited.
We carefully log how many times they entered and exited, and give you the total time of their presence on your event.

3. Visitor details

The fields: barcode, title, first name, prefix, name, email, phone number, type of guest, company, function, street +number, postal code, city, birthdate and gender are present as standard. Here you can define which of those fields you require as mandatory by simply checking the “required” checkbox..

On top of that, you can create 10 fields that you can link with your visitors.
You can define predefined values that will be displayed as dropdown. This is an easy way to keep your data clean, and you don’t have to worry about typo’s.
The default value will be filled in on each creation of a new visitor.
As the same with the default fields you can make a custom field also required.

4. Printing options

Enable printing upon registration

This will enable the badge print when people arrive at your event

Reprint badge on each registration

By default the badge will only be printed on first arrival, when you enable this option the badge will print each time the visitor is scanned or looked up.

Print Document

By default EVENTsight supports the following layouts:
– PVC CR80 cards (dimensions: 85 x 54)
– EPSON Butterfly badge L (dimensions: 96 x 134)
– EPSON Butterfly badge S (dimensions: 96 x 82)
– A4 paper
– US Letter Head

If you’d like more options for the layout or the models of the badges, you can contact us.


5. SMS options

Send personalised text messages when your guests arrive.

You can send a personalised message to the guest when he arrives. The SMS will be sent to the phone number that is defined in the “Mobile” field of his registration.

You can also send a message to a third party (accountmanager or organiser) if a guest arrives. This is for example used when speakers arrive.


6. Signature

You can prompt for a signature of the guests when they arrive. For example to create an attendance list or let them sign for an NDA agreement.

This works as well when you activate the “Exit” option, so you can ask them to sign on arrival and departure.

This option works when you run EVENTsight on an iPad, or when you pair an iPad running EVENTsight with a laptop running EVENTsight.

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Mick Heylen