Advanced tips for importing guests

Besides the basic fields for importing data, EVENTsight allows you to import several extra data types

1.  Custom Fields

You can define up to 10 custom fields if the columns you need are not provided by EVENTsight. During the import process you can map your columns to any of the fields. If you forgot to assign labels for them beforehand, you can simply assign the label during the import process.


2. Workshops

During the import you can automatically subscribe a visitor to a workshop. For each workshop you need to foresee a column in your import file. Simply map the field to the workshop and tell us for which value in that column you want them to be subscribed. For example if “YES” in the column.

If you don’t provide a field to test for, we will subscribed all visitors that have a value in that column, if they don’t have a value in that column they will not be subscribed.


3. Extra guests

EVENTsight has “anonymous” guests, the so-called “+1s” and named guests. If you want to know how to handle multiple guests, please check here.

During the import you can import 5 extra guests.

You can also assign a column where you have the number of extra guests that the visitor will bring.


4. Other

Third party sms

Status after import

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