• How to work with multiple guests

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  • Multiple file imports

    In the event business everything goes fast and last minute, we understand that. You don’t have to know all your attendees in advance, as you can easily add extra visitors later via an import.

    Important to know here is that EVENTsight will use your barcode column as a unique identifier if provided. Meaning that it is not possible to have duplicate barcodes during an import, and if in a later import the barcode is already found for that event, that data will be updated with the new data in the import file.

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  • Invite people to your event

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  • Manage your guest list pre-event

    EVENTsight allows you to step into the registration process at any moment you want. You can invite people and follow up on their RSVP and send an e-ticket to confirm or a “can’t make it” email to thank them to let you know they can’t make it.

    When you use EVENTsight at it’s fullest those statusses will be managed by you automatically, but you can always manually manage the different statuses of your guests if you want to use your own invitation and subscription tools, or simply skip a certain status.

    For example when you only want to send out e-tickets, you can import your attendees with their responding “RSVP” status, and just use EVENTsight for sending out your confirmation tickets.

    The visitor tab displays who has been invited, who has already responded, and who is coming or declined.

    You can filter the list by clicking on the different status fields.

    The icons in the list on the right tell you more about the status of a particular visitor.

    Invitation sent
    If the left most envelop is red that means he is not invited yet.

    RSVP status
    The icon in the middle indicates if the person has responded to your invitation or not. Grey means that persons did not RSVP’ed yet. A green icon means that person will attend your event. A red icon means that person declined the invitation and will not attend the event.

    Confirmation email
    If the right most envelop is red that means he is not invited yet.


    Setting the status of a visitor manually

    By clicking on the small arrow at the right of the list, you see more details about the visitor’s status.

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  • How to create and send e-tickets

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  • Editing visitors details

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  • Advanced tips for importing guests

    Besides the basic fields for importing data, EVENTsight allows you to import several extra data types

    1.  Custom Fields

    You can define up to 10 custom fields if the columns you need are not provided by EVENTsight. During the import process you can map your columns to any of the fields. If you forgot to assign labels for them beforehand, you can simply assign the label during the import process.


    2. Workshops

    During the import you can automatically subscribe a visitor to a workshop. For each workshop you need to foresee a column in your import file. Simply map the field to the workshop and tell us for which value in that column you want them to be subscribed. For example if “YES” in the column.

    If you don’t provide a field to test for, we will subscribed all visitors that have a value in that column, if they don’t have a value in that column they will not be subscribed.


    3. Extra guests

    EVENTsight has “anonymous” guests, the so-called “+1s” and named guests. If you want to know how to handle multiple guests, please check here.

    During the import you can import 5 extra guests.

    You can also assign a column where you have the number of extra guests that the visitor will bring.


    4. Other

    Third party sms

    Status after import

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  • How to export your guests

    Go back to the backoffice and open the menu icon top right. Click “Manage Events’ and enter your password. You will return to the backoffice. Click on your event.

    You can export you guests with the “visitors” tab in “Overview”.

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  • How to import your guests

    Import guests in EVENTsight is made as easy as possible. If you just created your first event and go to the “Visitors” tab, you will see that you don’t have any visitors yet, and that you can add a visitor or import visitors. If you want to add them manually, click on “Add Attendee”, and a popup window will appear where you can enter the visitor’s details

    To import guests, just click on the “Import” button and it will bring you to the import screen, where you will be asked to select a file to import.

    At this moment EVENTsight allows you to import XLS, XLSX or CSV files. EVENTsight will automatically read out all the headers of your import files, and guide you to match them with the correct fields in EVENTsight. If you make a mistake, click on the blue arrow to break the link.

    Barcode import

    When you assign a column to the barcode, EVENTsight will use the values of the column for the generation of the barcodes. Important is that EVENTsight won’t allow duplicate barcodes within 1 event, when you assign a column to the barcode field, EVENTsight will check for duplicates in that column. See also multiple file imports.


    When all your fields are correctly mapped, click Import. You will be brought back to the main screen, and a red indicator “Importing…” will tell you that we are busy working on your import. You can verify this as you will see the total number of subscriptions go up.

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